V2P2 project at CNR Piedmont Research Area.

The open-source community helped us to build on our project and this site is our thanks, of course at disposal of the open-source community.

V2P2 Repository (version 3) Work in progress

  • Back-end server (Fedora Commons 3.8.1)
  Ubuntu 16.04.1
  MySQL 5.7.15
  Tomcat 7.0.68
  Java 8 (Oracle)
  Fedora 3.8.1    
  Solr 4.10.4
  GSearch HEAD
  Adore-Djatoka 1.1
  Apache 2.4.18

  • Front-end server (Islandora 7.x HEAD)
  Ubuntu 16.04
  MySQL 5.7
  Apache 2.4.18
  PHP 7.0
  Drupal 7.50
  Islandora 7.x HEAD

Older versions

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  • “Bioinformatics project at CNR Piedmont Research Area.” (Site)
  • “DigiBESS” (Site)
  • “FAbb” (Site)
  • “SMRepository” (Site)
  • “ASA” (Site)
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